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The Importance Of Thinking About The Instructions That Are Given To You

By | July 18, 2016

injury.18When certain instructions are given to you it is important that you make sure you stick to those instructions especially if you are working as a nurse, a military officer or a policeman. Jobs like these require instructions to be followed because if not things can go haywire.

Pay attention to what is being said

In order for you to be able to follow instructions, you first need to pay attention to the instructions that are given to you. For example, if you visit a sports injury clinic and if you are given certain instructions by your doctor you need to make sure that you pay attention to what the doctor has to say because if not this could cause you to do the wrong thing which would hinder you recovery.

Think for yourself
It is vital that you follow instructions however; this does not mean that you should stop thinking for yourself. Even though you may take orders from an authority figure, it is vital that you do not let the authority figure think for you. You should not be afraid to speak out if you think the instructions given to you are wrong.  Although it is important that you follow instructions it is also important that you are able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. If you cannot distinguish between the two then it would cause you to blindly follow the instructions that are given to you.

Taking responsibility for your actions

Although you may be given an instruction, the choice should be up to you to decide whether or not you want to follow the instruction. If you do decide to carry out a task then it is vital that you take responsibility for your actions. Even if somebody else tells you what to do, you have to make sure that you take responsibility for your actions. If you cannot take responsibility then you should not agree to carry out the task. Therefore whenever you carry out a task you should make sure that you are carrying out the task while being in an autonomous state because this will lead to you taking responsibility for your actions. To know more about physiotherapy Oakleigh visit

However, if you take orders while being in an agentic state then you will not take responsibility for your actions as deep down you will believe that you cannot be blamed for your actions. You will instead believe that the authority figure who gave you the order should be blamed for your actions.

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Help Your Child’s Dreams And Ambitions Come True

By | July 1, 2016

If you are a parent and have one or more children, then you will understand how important it is to make sure your child’s dreams and ambitions come true. There is nothing worse than seeing your own child’s dreams and ambitions get crushed and not come true because they did not have the support they needed from you or any other person who could have guided them. For this reason, it is very important that you bond with your child from an early age, learn what they like and dislike and support them every step of the way. There are many ways in which you can support them. Here are some tips and some advice on the things you can do to make their dreams and ambitions come true.
Listen to them when they speak
The most basic and primary thing you can do is to listen to them speak about their passions. If they want to talk about the Sydney first aid course then it is your duty to let them talk about this as much as they want. Even if you may not like this choice of theirs, you should listen, as it will give them a much bigger assurance that you are there to listen. This does not mean that you should not advice them, but it is more important to first listen that outright tell them their idea is a bad one.
Have a separate savings fund
One of the things you can do is to have a separate savings fund. This way, once your child has reached the point of higher education, they can depend less on student loans and get money from you. You do not have to save big amounts at once, you can just deposit a few bucks every now and then and eventually this will get collected in to one big heap. Therefore, do this for your child.To know more about first aid asthma and anaphylaxis training, visit
Motivate them to reach their goals
There is nothing better than parental motivation. The moment any child hears or feels that their parent is motivating them and pushing them to do what they like, the level the child excels to will be unbelievable. Any child who gets the right encouragement will reach to the top and do well at everything they do. Therefore, show your child that you are always right behind him or her, and that you will support them every step of the way regardless of what you think at the moment about their choices.

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