3 Great Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

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Sleep is the recharging mechanism of the body which repairs the damage caused to the bodily organs after a busy day of work and if an adequate amount of sleep is not given to the body, it will not be able to perform at the desired level in the next morning. Some individuals however, are unable to fall asleep till very late at night even after curling up in their bed. While there are cases where people suffer from medical conditions that prevent them from falling asleep at night, in most cases the individual alone is responsible for this because of their irregular night time habits. Sleep hygiene is variety of habits that has been identified by researchers as contributors for a good night’s sleep and if these are practiced regularly, you will be able to say good bye to that awful insomnia and finally enjoy a much-needed session of sound sleep. Discussed below are some of these.

Pre-Sleep Routine

You can develop and stick to a pre-sleep routine through which you will be able to set the right mood for dozing off with ease. If you are someone who suffers from sleep apnoea then there are ResMed CPAP machines for sale which you can purchase immediately as they will ease the breathing and assist with falling asleep. Avoid engaging in tasks which are physically or emotionally stressful as your body becomes more alert when engaging in such tasks which will keep you up. Taking a bath is also advised before going to bed as the change in body temperature is soothing for getting one’s head down.

Create A Sleep-Inducing Environment

No matter what you do before getting in bed, if the atmosphere in your room is not really suitable for you to get some shut eye, then none of it will really matter. Create a cool and dark environment by closing all the drapes so that no light can penetrate into the room and set the A/C to something between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheits and keep the room well ventilated. Only thing you must hear while you are hitting the pillows is ‘nothing’! If even the CPAP is making too much noise, get it repaired or replace it. TVs, radios, computers and mobile phones must all be turned off or kept on silent and if possible, find a place outside your bedroom for these appliances so that your bedroom will be for sleeping and sleeping only.

Don’t Go To Bed Unless You Are Truly Tired

Most individuals who struggle to fall asleep are those that go to bed way before they are even tired. After a couple of hours of trying our bodies simply give up trying and one might even stay up till the next night if this becomes serious. Simply wait till you feel tired and if you just aren’t, try doing something like reading a book or listening to music till you are tired and then give it a shot. Changing the room can also help some.