Want To Space Out The Pregnancy Or Its Taking Time? Tips On How To Avoid Awkward Questions.

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The best thing that you can to avoid such persons is to minimize common meetings with them. Yo can even leave functions before they attend. Or simply ignore their presence. Just a head nod and then you go about your socializing, being completely ignorant of their presence! It is best if you can completely avoid conversations with such persons for some time making them actually realize that they have crossed the invisible line! Being newly married can mean you are being bombarded with all those unwarranted pregnancy questions! Of course most people don’t have the manners to not ask such personal questions. Or some people who are closer to you may actually think it is within their rights!So here is what you can do!

Politely tell them of your status and ask them to back off

You can politely tell off the person who persistently questions you at each and every meeting that you have. You can tell them that you will let them know when you are pregnant until that they can actually put al the questioning to rest! If it is someone close to you, you can tell them if you are having difficulty conceiving, but make sure that you tell them to not keep asking you about it because it only makes you emotionally down.

Joke along with them

For another set of people simply telling them will not work. You will have to hammer the nail on the head to make them understand that you actually don’t entertain such private such questions about your life. You can jokingly tell them that even if you visit the reputed IVF clinic Epworth you have no idea of publishing it on newspaper anytime soon. Maybe just then they will actually get their clue that they need to stop asking people questions about another persons private life!

Tell it to their face

You might however have to, tell them to stop right to their face. You can resonate with them saying that you feel extremely uncomfortable having to answer such questions and that you would rather not be burdened with such questions as well. You can tell them that you have enough on your plate without them having to add more! And if they tell that they just wanted to help, you can tell them that your obstetrician Epworth is answering all your queries! And that they needn’t worry about a thing!

Know that it is okay to confide

But incase, you were thinking that being a newly wed, it is wrong to tell anyone about your problems in conceiving. You couldn’t be any more wrong! It is okay to get the weight off your chest and to let others know that you are having problems conceiving. Especially if you want to tell someone close to you. The consolation will actually be worth it! It is therefore okay to tell someone about having difficulty conceiving or wanting to space out your pregnancy if you feel like it!