Why Is Breast Cancer Awareness Important?

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breast cancer awareness important

Each year in October, the information about breast cancer is spread out in a wealthy form. Understanding it and applying to what factors it says is a good thing. It is incredibly important to spread awareness so that people save themselves and early detection is found. It can be detected through screening and the disease is caught, including many steps a breast surgeon in berwick then suggests further steps and gives a follow-up.

The rapidly increasing breast cancer is most common in Australia. The highest amount of cancers top breast and following is skin cancer. Each woman should know how her breasts feel. Not only women who get married and cross the age of 40, but the unmarried ones and also the ones entering their teenage. It is important to recognize any changes if they occur. Basic checking of breasts should be done by women till the age of 39 and after that, regular mammograms and checkups should be done. Clinical breast checkups are done by an expert breast surgeon at drjustinjames.com.au  help to detect any irregular bumps or signs of breast cancer. The signs that a breast surgeon works on include:

  • If there is thickening or swelling in any part of the breast.
  • Any sort of lump in the underarm or breast.
  • Skin irritation on breast skin can also be a significant sign.
  • Any persistent breast pain
  • Thickening of nipples with scaliness or redness.
  • Discharge from the nipples. Excluding the breast milk.
  • The most obvious one, size, or shape changes of the breast.

Without any awareness, some risks can turn into really tough hardships of life. breast cancers are usually found in women above 40 but don’t mean to avoid any checkups before that. As a woman turns older, there are uncontrollable factors that increase the risk. If there is a family history or any irregular menstrual cycle is also an indication. Breast surgeons also say the changes in breast cancer genes can increase the risk. Usage of birth control pills or after menopause, getting hormone therapy, being overweight which is a cause of not being physically active, or drinking alcohol can develop this cancer. Every risk factor should be noticed by women and a pattern of smart lifestyle should be adopted which can help a lot of lowering the risk.

For a healthy and fit life, it is important to stay fit and eat healthily. Balancing your workouts with the food intake can avoid gaining excessive weight. Every day, go for a walk or run with performing any sort of vigorous activity which helps the body to stay active. Breast surgeon in melbourne also recommend from the history of women that many women addicted to alcohol developed this cancer. The most important one is getting regular screenings done and know its importance.